Recommended Links

For those of you who have recently moved to Omaha and would like to learn more about our city, or if you already live here and feel you need a little refresher, follow the links to the right. They will help you to become more familiar with the greater Omaha metropolitan area. 

Please keep in mind these are third party links external to the All Saints website, so we are cannot be responsible for their content.  Thank you for understanding.

These links may be of interest to you as well. A few of these can be subscribed to so that you may receive weekly updates in your E-mail.

Diocese of Nebraska - This link also contains links for subscribing to the Diocesan Ministry Memo and the Nebraska Episcopalian.  Upon visiting this site, look for their respective logos in the sidebar area of the webpage then click on them to subscribe.

Episcopal News Service - This is also a subscription service. After visiting the site, look for "Get the ENS Daily in Your E-Mail" and follow instructions to subscribe.

Episcopal Cafè - Features news, commentary, art, meditations and video.

LectionaryPage - Find the lessons for the day or upcoming Sunday.