All Saints Community Garden
General Information

Mission Statement
“Feeding people soul, mind, and body”

To create a community environment to provide fresh produce to those in need of basic healthy food and provide educational sessions on gardening to fellow Episcopalians, neighbors and the public.


The All Saints Community Garden has forty-five 4’x10’ boxes available for individual use to grow and manage fresh produce for personal use, local food pantries, and possibly an All Saints Farmer’s Market.  An individual garden box can be purchased on a yearly basis for $40. Those who donate $150 or more to help offset costs, will be recognized as “Founding Garden Members” (includes the $40 cost of an individual garden box). To become a member, please download and print out the Garden Plot /Use Agreement form.  Mail the signed form with your enclosed check to:

All Saints Episcopal Church
Community Garden Project
9302 Blondo
Omaha, NE 68134
(Please make checks payable to All Saints Episcopal Church)

Alternatively you can purchase your garden box online by going to our Online Giving page. Once there, click on the large “Online Giving” button. If you already are setup with Online Giving, simply log in and purchase your garden box by selecting “Community Garden” from the dropdown menu. From there you can make your purchase and contribute any amount you wish. If you do not have an account, it is easy to sign up. Just click on “First Time?” to the left of the screen and follow the prompts for new user registration.

Either way you choose to purchase your Garden Box, PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND PRINT OUT THE GARDEN PLOT/USE AGREEMENT FORM AND MAIL IT TO THE ADDRESS LISTED ABOVE. We still need to have the signed form on file.


$40 a box for a year (Church will cover the remaining expense) Financial assistance is available.

$150+ is the actual cost for a garden box. (Please note: This cost includes the cost of the $40 garden box) If you are interested in donating so others might be able to enjoy, please read below about becoming a Garden Angel.


$150 Donation for a full cost of garden box
$100 Lumber/box build – covers the cost of lumber and labor
$50 dirt donation
$25 tool donation

*Please note all donations are tax-deductible as a donation to All Saints Episcopal Church. Donations go for all maintenance and upkeep of the garden grounds.  All remaining funds will be redistributed to the general fund of All Saints at the conclusion of the final harvest. 

For financial assistance, please email Rev. Thompson at All Saints.