Mission to South Sudan

The mission of the South Sudan Ministry is to seek and serve Christ as we establish a partnership in Christian mission with the people of Twic East Diocese. All Saints South Sudan Ministry members strive to recognize our interconnection to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Twic East through prayer and humanitarian support.  Currently the team is developing plans supporting missioners to Twic East in 2014 in order to build the personal bridges within our communities and to study the medical and agricultural needs.. An open invitation is issued to all those discerning the support of mission work in the Republic of South Sudan.

To learn more about how you can become involved or to obtain additional information, meeting dates or agendas, please contact Steve Brown, The Rev. Judi Yeatesor Pageer (Joseph) Alaak.

The Provincial Episcopal Church of Sudan

The Provincial Episcopal Church of Sudan is now actually made up of two countries.  Sudan, which is the Arab North, and South Sudan, which is the new Sovereign nation of mainly Christian and Animist traditions.  There are 31 Episcopal Dioceses in the ECS (Episcopal Church of Sudan), with only 5 Dioceses in North Sudan and the remaining 26 Dioceses in South Sudan.  The Provincial headquarters are in Juba, the Capitol of South Sudan which is also the Juba Diocese.      

The Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska is a companion diocese to the South Sudan Episcopal Diocese of Twic East located in Jonglei State.  Twic East diocese was a part of the Bor diocese until two years ago.  At that time the Bor diocese was split in two, with the Twic East diocese becoming the north half of the former Bor diocese.  Our friend in Christ, Ezekiel Diing Malangdit, serves as the Bishop of Twic East.  South Sudan has a population of approximately 9 million, with one half of the population being of the Episcopal faith.  Twic East has a total population of about 1.1 million and 590,000 are Christian.