Lay Ministry at All Saints

Assisting in Worship

Each worship service at All Saints is carefully orchestrated and composed of many parts.  Depending upon the service, individuals, sometimes referred to as "lay people" or "the laity," help assist in worship in one of the following ways:

Greeters: All Saints strives to be an inclusive and welcoming parish for our guests and active members, The greeters offer the first impression and help all who come realize that All Saints is a special place. Greeters arrive half an hour before worship begins so they can help identify visitors and newcomers and assist those who need it. Greeters may also staff the welcome table as needed and available.

Chalice Bearer/Lay Eucharistic Ministers: Chalice Bearers assist the clergy in serving communion to those present. These lay people are trained to distribute wine to those present during the Holy Eucharist. In all services except the 9a AxS service, chalice bearers tend to vest and process in and out with the clergy.

Lector/Reader: Lectors are the lay people who are trained and designated to read the lessons and prayers of the day. Most of the time, lectors will read from the pulpit or lectern, but accommodations will be made for those with mobility needs. Reading the scripture is a weighty job, one which is to be done reverently and with feeling (but not as a performance).

Master of Ceremonies/Verger (9a and 10:30): The MC serves as a behind-the-scenes worship coordinator. He/she does vest and process at the beginning of the service. But most of the work is in making sure other lay worship servers are present and ready, keeping the service running smoothly, and dealing with any issues that might come up. This person assists at the altar during communion, often watch for those in need of gluten free bread or who need communion brought to them in the pews.

Ushers (10:30) Ushers arrive 20 minutes before the start of worship and help with things such as handing out bulletins and helping people find seats. One usher stays in the narthex during the worship service to watch for safety issues while the others assist at different times with things such as taking up the offertory collection and guiding people to communion. Ushers count those present at the service and complete the tally sheet. They also pick up materials and books left in the pews at the conclusion of the service.

Gift Bearers (9 and 10:30) Gift bearers bring the cruet of wine and the plate or silver box of bread to the altar immediately after announcements. At the 9a AxS service, these servers also bring up the prayer board during the opening song.

Sound Tech (9 and 10:30) Sound techs work the microphone system throughout the worship service. Using the provided iPad, they control what microphones are on and off with a use-friendly app.

Acolytes (10:30) Children and youth who are interested in participating as lay ministers often start as acolytes. In this role, people (generally 3rd grade and older) assist in processions and with other parts of worship. People interested in becoming an acolyte should contact the acolyte coordinator, Patrice Roth.

Altar Guild: Perhaps the most invisible of our regular lay leaders, the altar guild is a volunteer group whose ministry is to care for the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish. Altar Guild members prepare the sanctuary for services, and clean up afterwards. Altar Guild members frequently supervise the decoration of the sanctuary of the parish with flowers. The Altar Guild is open to women and men of the parish at the invitation of the Rector. To learn more, please contact our current Altar Guild Directresses, Laura Boston and Becky Connors

As you can see, the laity plays an important role in all of our worship services at All Saints.  If you would like to learn more about how you might participate in one or more of the above ministries, a good place to start is by calling the church office at 402-396-8612 or by e-mailing us at:  We invite you take the first step. You will be glad you did.

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