Welcome to the All Saints Library!

There are over 2,800 titles from which to choose, so you can be certain to
find just the right book,CD, tape,or DVD. There are a number of devices in
place to make your trip to the Library pleasant and successful.


  • The Library is organized through Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). Each nonfiction item’s DDC number appears on the binding, along with the first three letters of the author’s (or editor’s) last name.

  • Signage on the topsides, and shelves of each bookcase will direct you to the item you wish to find.

  • DDCs begin in the northwest corner and wrap around to the south wall.

  • Oversized books may be found on the bottom shelf of the bookcase just to the left of the Check-Out Desk.

  • All books of fiction are located in the bookcase nearest the west doors. Next to the fiction is the bookcase that features all of the young adult's and children's books and media. All non-print media are located along the south wall.

  • The “Special Selections” bookcase, in the southeast corner of the Library, features books and media of seasonal interest, such as offerings for Advent or Lent.


There are four catalogs, available just to the left of the Check-Out Desk. They allow you to find Items with a particular title, by a favorite author, on a selected subject, or with a specific DDC number


  • Once you have located the books/media you want, be sure to record your items in the notebook on the Check-Out Desk. Please print legibly all of the information requested on the Check-Out Sheet.

  • You are asked to return your selections within three weeks of checking them out. A current due date appears on the bulletin board above the Check-Out Desk.

  • Just place your returned books on the top shelf of the short bookcase to the left of the Check-Out Desk. They will be reshelved for you.

A Brief History of the
   All Saints Library

A quickly-growing congregation at All Saints necessitated in 1999-2000 a building expansion, which enlarged the Narthex and provided room for the nursery, parlor, and Pomegranate Shop. It was decided that a basement level would also be excavated, allowing for much-needed office and workroom space. It was within this addition that the Library was constructed.

The room sat untouched until 2003-2004, when a generous endowment from the estate of Mrs. Walter (Rene) Naumann made it possible to finish the room in preparation for the establishment of the Library and its dedication to Mrs. Naumann’s grandfather Reverend Harmon B. Burgess, Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

Still, the Library sat devoid of books until 2006, when Father Michael Tan Creti, Rector of All Saints from 1992 to 2005, gifted the church with his extensive personal collection. Today, many of the books shelved in the All Saints Library are those so graciously donated by Father Mike.

With books to accession, a Library Committee was formed (as part of the Christian Nurture Committee), consisting of Marlene Goos, Linda Shirk, Sheila Smith, and Flossie Shelso. These bibliophiles oversaw the Library—cataloging existing books, purchasing additional books, and publicizing the Library in weekly Announcements. 

However, the Library Committee was later disbanded, and the Library was left virtually unattended until the summer of 2012, when Gini Thomas volunteered to be the next Librarian. Soon after, the computer was replaced, the Cross Library computer program re-installed, catalogs updated, and signage added to assist patrons of the Library. In May of 2013, Bishop J. Scott Barker donated to the All Saints Library the entire resource library formerly housed at the diocesan office. Parishioner Bob Morley hand-crafted six additional bookcases to accommodate the ever-increasing collection of books and media. In September of 2014, a Special Selections bookcase was installed to showcase items of seasonal interest. Before the end of 2014, almost 2,800 titles were available to serve the All Saints congregation—from toddlers to adults. In September of 2016, Jan Rowley, as the new Librarian, assumed responsibility for this extraordinary collection of books and media.