Children's Formation


Sunday School (9:40-10:20 Sunday Mornings)

Laying the Foundation
As our children move on from preschool, they will join cohorts that will stay together through their time in high school. This allows the children of All Saints to learn and grow together, welcoming newcomers as they arrive, and developing together as a group that knows and understands one another, and can challenge each other along the way.

Building Faith
Beginning in preschool, our kids start learning Bible stories while playing with Duplo blocks. As they grow, they change to Legos, which allows for even more building possibilities. This curriculum, based around Emily Slichter Given’s Building Faith Brick by Brick, allows children to fully engage in play with Legos while exploring and internalizing the Biblical stories. This works towards our goal of increasing Biblical literacy with our children and youth, and is a whole lot of fun.

Expanding the Baseplate
With Legos, one builds on a baseplate in order to make sure the foundation is strong. Likewise, our program of play and storytelling creates a strong base as our children learn and grow. As they reach middle school age, we shift the focus from the tactile play of Legos to a more discussion-based program in the form of Teen Text. They still get to work with stories and Legos occasionally, but these discussions use the foundation they’ve been building and expand them into real-world uses.


At All Saints, we invite and welcome all our members, no matter the age or noise level, to worship in the sanctuary as a community. We do, however, understand that some parents wish to be able to take that time to be with God as their children play. To allow this, our wonderful nursery attendant, Kim Phillips, opens our nursery for the 9 and 10:30 am Sunday services, as well as Christmas Eve and some other special events during the year.

Children's Chapel

In order to allow them to engage on different levels, our children from kindergarten up are also invited to attend Children's Chapel during the 10:30 service each Sunday. There, they engage in an activity around the Gospel lesson for the day. They then help present the gifts for communion and our monthly gathering of food for our pantry, and are invited to stay at the altar.

First Communion

In the Episcopal tradition, Baptism is a full entry into the community of Christ's followers. Many families, however, wish for their children to have further instruction in the Holy Eucharist (Communion) before their child receives communion. This can be done as needed, but we also offer a seminar each spring, with First Communion at our annual Bishop's visit in April.

Vacation Bible School

Every Summer, children from a potty-trained 3 up to fifth grade are invited to participate in our Vacation Bible School. We gather for family dinner and move towards an introduction of daily themes, music, games, stories, and crafts. 2018 VBS will be July 8-11!!