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Welcome to Digital Photo Album!

So what is Digital Photo Album (DPA)?  Simply put, DPA is a snapshot of our church and it’s parishioners through the eyes of the camera; actually many cameras.  It is a look back at the people of our parish who, through their support, have helped to shape and make it the strong vibrant church it is today.  Parishioners and not professional photographers took most, if not all of the photos you will see here.  Over the years, literally thousands of pictures have been taken.  Now, we are pleased to be able to display and share these wonderful photos with both parishioners and non-parishioners alike. 

Finally, we would like to thank all of the photographers who have graciously contributed their time, talent, and “photos” to the DPA project so that all of us might share in the joy of viewing the fruits of their labors. Their names are listed below:

Bob Brown
Sooz Edwards
Barb Kaiser
Doug Kaiser
Kevin Long
Bill McSharry
Linda McSharry
Bob Morley

Theresa Newell
Bryan Peterson
Tracy Peterson
Liz Pettinger
Judy Stribley
Claudianna Todd
Betty White

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